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Learn the truth about how your saddle fits. The Impression Pad takes the guess work out of saddle fitting. Ride around for 20 minutes and see the results for yourself!
Cost: $75 + gst/saddle fitting (travelling fees may apply)

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It is important to use a saddle pad that fits your horse very well. Saddle pads are not intented to make an ill-fitting saddle fit better. We have chosen two saddle pads that offer comfort and support for both horse and rider. These saddle pads can be custom-fitted with removable shims when rehabing a horse's back.



RR Custom Saddle Pad:
This saddle pad works for English and Western saddles. The open-cell high density foam offers good support for the rider and it does not flatten out when used. It has proven to be one of our most popular pads with it's easy care. Foam inserts are replaceable and shims may be added for a customized fit.
- black denier material with synthetic fleece;
- high density open-cell foam inserts;
- machine washable (remove inserts).
$195 + gst/S & H (orders in CANADA only. Please contact us for US and INTERNATIONAL orders)



This saddle pad and blanket combo is ideal for horses that are difficult to fit. It is recommended for horses with no withers and/or that are slightly sway back. Ideal for horses in need of rehabilitation. 


Modified Ogilvy Half Pad with Memory Foam/Open-cell High Density Foam:
The Ogilvy pad maximizes comfort for both horse and rider using a unique V-top shape and anti-friction material (anti-slip). The memory foam gel fills in the gaps where necessary and the open-cell high density foam that we add gives more support to the rider. They come in a variety of colors and are proudly made in Canada.

- V-top shape for fit and comfort:
- anti-friction material
- memory foam inserts that act as a buffer that fills any gaps to stabalize the saddle
- shock abosrption for both horse & rider
- machine washable (remove inserts)

Ogilvy Baby Pad:
This is the perfect saddle blanket to help keep your saddle pad clean. It also has anti-slip and anti-friction properties.
- V-top shap for comfort and fit
- reduces friction
- sets the pad firmly in place
- machine washable

Saddle pad and blanket package: $260 + GST and S/H.

Order at or call 1.403.932.1241


Practically new! This pad has been used twice! Chris Lamfell sheepskin saddle pad with open-cell high density foam inserts. Perfect for treeless saddle as it has a channel for the spine. $175 + GST and S & H

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